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How did the Nazis Control Germany?

This is the third part of the course. You need to know the following:

You need to think about:

  1.   How much opposition was there to the Nazi regime?
  2.   How effectively did the Nazis deal with their political opponents?
  3.   How did the Nazis use culture and the mass media to control the people?
  4.   Why did the Nazis persecute many groups in German society?

You need to know about:

  1.   removal of opposition;
  2.   methods of control and repression;
  3.   use of culture and the mass media.

Useful Revision Links:

click here for a link to Mr. Allsops podcast on how the Nazi’s kept control

click here for a link to a bitesize page on Nazi control

This is a summary powerpoint on opposition in Nazi Germany


Use p8 of this link to complete the mindmap

this is the booklet we have been using it includes past questions and information.  Very useful if you have notes missing.


A popplet on the Nazis and opposition:


propaganda mind map

propaganda mind map





A useful revision video on Nazi race policy:

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  1. Hi sir
    What is meant by repression on the second bullet point.

    • Repression basically means stopping or crushing opposition so using labour camps, the ss, the gestapo and judges and police.

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