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Why was Hitler able to dominate Germany?

This is the second key question in the Germany Depth study.  For this question you need to revise the following:

You need to Think about:

  1.  What did the Nazi Party stand for in the 1920s?
  2.  Why did the Nazis have little success before 1930?
  3.  Why was Hitler able to become Chancellor by 1933?
  4.  How did Hitler consolidate his power in 1933-4?


You need to know about:

    1. The early years of the Nazi Party;
    2. Nazi ideas and methods;
    3. The Munich Putsch;
    4. The roles of Hitler and other Nazi leaders.
    5. The impact of the Depression on Germany;
    6. The political, economic and social crisis of 1930-33;
    7. Reasons for the Nazis’ rise to power; Hitler takes power,
    8. The Reichstag Fire and the election of 1933.
    9. Nazi rule in Germany:
    10. The Enabling Act
    11. The night of the Long Knives;
    12. The death of Hindenburg

Useful Revision Links:

This link takes you to a podcast from Mr. Allsop which covers Hitler’s rise to power and this link takes you to a powerpoint which works alongside the podcast

This Bitesize page covers Weimar Germany and Hitler’s rise to power

Use p3,4,5 and 6 of this link to create your own revision mind maps

Here is a copy of the booklet I compiled with key information and past questions on Hitler’s rise to power.  Useful if any notes are missing.

Below is a powerpoint which includes revision videos on Hitler becoming chancellor


This is Andrew Foster’s excellent revision video on the Rise of the Nazis

This Youtube playlist revises Hitlers rise to power

This capzle timeline shows Hitler’s rise to power and the importance of propaganda:

You may also find these great audioboos from John Golding useful:

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